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Completing Thaumcraft Research Trees

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Hey all-

I'm looking for knowledge fragments because I've finished all of the thaumcraft research I can access, and feel compelled to get the last few research items that are still unavailable.  There's two on the Eldritch tab I can't get to, and a couple in thaumic tinkering that are greyed out.  I figure the way to find these last few is by using knowledge fragments to get random research.

I'm trying to spawn a pech to get some knowledge fragments, and I'm not having any luck.  I've cleared all of the taint from the Giant Silverwood area, including the eerie biome, and hung out for a long time but nothing.  Is there a good place to look for knowledge fragments?  Perhaps cursed earth?


Am I going about getting the last research notes the wrong way?


Thanks-  Hydrazine.

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so, for the eldritch tab you should perform the ritual described in the page itself. To get knowledge frags i travelled to the farlands, a dimension used to seek the primal pearl (perform the ritual described and you will get there) and destroyed some of the walls blocks.

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