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Server Suddenly Lags, only on original world though

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So recently I created a tekkit server for me and my friends to play on on my mac. but just now it started lagging REALLY bad (0 fps, 0 chunk updates). i tried reinstalling the server files, and when the server created a new world there was no lag. but when i replaced the new world with my old one, I continued having the extreme lag problems. since i dont use these forums very much i dont know where this thread should go, but any help is appreciated.

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there's one quarry, but none of the pipes are broken, everything is being pumped into a chest. also after a few minutes chunks will load and the fps will go up, but when i open certain machines connected to the quarry (IC2 recycler) the chunk/fps decrease happens again. also, chests and similar things take 1-2 seconds to open, any machine with numbers on the gui updates really slowly (mass fabricator, energy collector, etc.). one last thing, whenever i login there is only one bar next to the server info even though i'm hosting on the same computer.

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OK i fixed the problem, somehow stuff was escaping from the quarry pipes. bug maybe?

Nope. BuildCraft pipes don't do well when unloaded (chunk-wise). It's either that, or your chest was full. Post pictures of your setup and somebody might decide to take a look and diagnose the problem.

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Had to pop in just to say thank you!

I had the same issue. Sudden, unexplained crippling lag.

I first misdiagnosed the issue as running water. When starting quarries, I'd line the walls with source water blocks so it would create a lake instead of a gaping hole, and kill lava at the same time. Two birds with one stone right? Apparently not. Never thought that the water underneath the top row all the way to bedrock would be processed as running water. Installed worldedit to clear the top row so water would subside, which seemed to fix the lag. (3 quarries covering a 40x70 area)

Went about my business elsewhere and came back, same issue but no water! Was baffling.

After stumbling upon this post I went and (slowly) checked my chests, and one of them had hundreds of items spilled over it.

Needless to say buildcraft hates filled chests. Shame the items can't just move to the next in line, as I had 12 double chests lined up and the back 4 near-empty. That, and unloaded chunks where I found them spilled from the middle of pipes. I guess world anchors and teleport tethers don't work all that well either. I made sure all the piping/quarries/pumps were within the range of my 4 world anchors, and littered the pipeline with teleport tethers just to be sure using the F9 grid as a guide. Not much luck it seems though.

Just installed the NoLagg plugin to start stacking items that are floating around. That should (hopefully) eliminate the issue.

Thank you so much. Really.

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