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[1.2.10cx] - GomoTech - [PVP/PVE]-[60 Slots]-[OPEN]-[Plugins]-[Survival]-[100% Uptime] ☆☆☆☆☆

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GomoTech (v1.2.10cx)  IP:

Hello everyone!                      

'GomoTech' is a small private Tekkit server with the intention to create a small (~ 20-30 player) community. So basically we're looking for mature players who'd like to team-up/play together, set goals, go on adventures; in general, have fun playing together. 

Moon | Mars | Space Stations are NOT DISABLED. "Dimensional Doors" mod is disabled.

?  Chunkloading is allowed! ?             > PvP & PvE <

music-note-SH-icon.png  LIVE  SERVER  MUSIC  music-note-SH-icon.png

Some of the plugins that we use: Essentials, GroupManager, Autorank, MobCash, MobArena, BanItem, HolographicDisplays, PreciousStones, TimeIsMoney, Wordguard, WorldEdit, Vault, WorldBorder, Gravestone, PvPtoggle..

Banned/Restricted for use items: Chunk Loaders (all except for 'Dimensioanl Anchor'), Quarry (allowed in 'Quarry Age'), Book Receptacle, Matter Cannon, Needlegun, All florbs, SPAMR Launcher, Cannon, Throwable Meteor Chunk, Plastic Cup, ..

To ensure better and more immersive experience, we only enabled teleporting in the Overworld (with a cost $ and cooldown). The game has been balanced in the best way possible to avoid usage of  over-powered items.

Server is not whitelisted .

Our website:

Uptime: 24 / 7

We expect you not to "harm" the server by exploiting bugs.

Some of our Rules:

• No cheating

• No bug exploiting (ruins the fun)

• No griefing/stealing (mutual pranks are okay, as long as it doesn't get too serious)

• No hacked clients

• Keep the chat as mature as possible

• Be respectful to one another

• PvP isn't allowed UNLESS agreed on

• Basic English knowledge

• Have fun!



Server Shop:


Personal Shops:


Mob Arena Lobby:


Mob Arena: DomeOfPain


Mob Arena: AquaWorld


Quarry World with rentable & resetable plots:


Night club:


Feel free to joins us!


It's a perfect server for you and your friends!

Edited by Gomo

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16 hours ago, Brave Sir Wobin said:

Hey Gomo. Dunno if you read this

Whenever i try to login to the server, it says "Failed to login: Bad login"

What am i doing wrong, and did something happen?

Sincerely MikkelNorth

Uhm, no idea why was that happening, it seems to be alright now, or?

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This is by far the best server I have ever had the pleasure of playing on.

It's not easy mode, It's not Pay2Win. It's challenging to get established, it has a good currency mode and a very active and consistently improving server owner.


Join the server, and give it more than a few minutes and you will see how beneficial this server is to the longevity of Tekkit.



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Server is currently down due to the migration (Upgrade). Will be online in few hours.

EDIT: Migration was delayed.

Edited by Gomo

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New SPAWN area has been made! Bigger, cleaner, better looking & lag free! It contains sever shop & personal shops, public machines area, portals and much more. Join us now!

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Void worlds have been added to the shop & made available for everyone to buy!

Edited by Gomo

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