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Luminators, my nemesis!


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For whatever reason it is, I cannot get luminators to work, nor does my wrench turn things :\ I have looked up some videos on youtube and other people have them working, but I cant get it to work. I can get them to explode though.

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what is the orientation of you LV transformer? The side with the 3 dots is the input, so Fibre Cable coming from your MFSU must lug into this face. The sides with one dot are outputs which would go off to your Luminators. The other thing is if you are running an HV Generator you need to step it down sequentially. So from the HV Gen into the MFSU, into the 3 dot side of a MV transfomer, out of the one dot side of the MV transformer into the 3 dot side of an LV transformer then from a 1 dot side into you Luminator. The luminator is ultra low voltage so if you have too much going to it it will explode. Also the 3 dot input side usually pops up facing you when you set it so just make some extra room with no cables around and set it, then run the cables in. Hope this helps.

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