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  1. Can you unban me or tell me why I was banned

  2. There are many ways to multiply EMC. You'd have to remove all of them. Blaze rod macerators, flax capacitors, darkrooms, cobble gens, Soup generators, Auto-milkers, Slab triplers, &c. Better to use something without EMC value as currency on your server. Any server with EE installed will have massive inflation. Try removing the crafting permissions for IC2 credits, and spawning them in for players to use as physical currency. Since they don't have EMC value, they can't be duplicated, and will thus be a better economic basis.
  3. PROTIP: Always disconnect power before rotating machines!
  4. The more lag your server suffers, the glitchier your timers will be. Increasing the delays, and buffering the outputs with repeaters helps.
  5. probably not a global one, but you can use //replacenear 50 214 0 to replace 214 (railcraft cubes) within 50 blocks with air. our map is so big that I can't do it all at once. and 179 for teletethers.
  6. That would work on SSP, although it is as you said the 'easy' route, relatively speaking. But Logistics aren't in Tekkit, and buildcraft murders a server. Lothos I suggest using a sorting machine, set to allstack sequential, with items and quantities for each item in the columns, then painted to keep the identical items separate. I haven't tested this, but it's how I'm currently building my HV solar array factory on my server. I will be working on it tonight, so I will let you know how it turns out. I think the downside is that if it's set to allstack, it doesn't switch to the next stack until it completes the one it's currently working on.
  7. If I have to do a push anyway, I'm going to use filters so I can paint the items. I'm building an HV solar array factory, and I'm using filters and sorting machines with the MK2 Autocrafters.
  8. Transposers and filters work. they have to be on top of the machine, facing down. Sadly, retrievers do not work.
  9. To clarify, the whole set is indeed called Gem Armor. The chest piece is the Infernal Chestplate. HOWEVER COMMA When you activate the abilities using G or V, it does say "Infernal Movement abilities" and "Infernal Offensive mode" or something very close to that, referring to all of the armor. So it's an easily explainable miscommunication.
  10. I haven't heard anything about project tables. I know the crafting table 3 is buggy and sucks, but project tables were fine the last I'd heard. I would be very sad if I had to remove them from my server.
  11. I've turned off the anchors and tethers in the config files, but I think that just stops them from being crafted. It doesn't do anything for the ones that are already out in the world.
  12. I am interested in the answer to this as well. At this point I may have to MCedit them out of the world.