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  1. try to remove mo'creatures completely, i got the same issue, and have a pretty decent server, i removed mo'creatures and everything worked well Also dont try to substitute it with AtmosMobs or you'll face tremendous lag
  2. yes, that's it, i really fear what could happen with 20 players creating dimensions, thanks for the replies!
  3. thanks but i meant for non-Ops only, i still want to be able to create dimensions for the players
  4. how do you disable world creation for non ops?
  5. Any news on this? I really need an updated version with the latest chicken core.
  6. wasnt PEX supossed to not work with bukkitforge?
  7. thanks for the reply, i'm investigating this all, already converted the most important buildings of my server to lite, dont want to migrate everything. Now the problem is that i have no idea yet of where to start: -My tekkit host supplier gave us the server with tekkit classic preinstalled months ago, i added plugins and stuff without problems -i have access the multicraft panel, to the ftp, and to the custom jar, and i can replace it, but i dont know what should i do now step by step in order to get the lite server running with bukkitforge. How to mix/pack tekkit lite with bukkitforge? EDIT1: Ofc that was a stupid question answered in the main thread, sorry about that
  8. EDIT: Nevermind, i deleted the player data folders and now it works fine please someone help me out, i converted my world with the patch.txt on the main thread, no errors at all, but when i load the world in tekkit lite, it crashes and i get this error http://pastebin.com/sxHSmqGH Theres not much stuff in the worldfile, i trimmed it to fit the respawn and the coliding city, and as far as i know, there's just a few BC pipes and no machines at all.
  9. is it already safe to migrate a big server to tekkit lite + bukkitforge?
  10. i've heard about chunkster but i see that is now discontinued, perhaps there is a 1.2.5 version http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admin-chunkster.8186/ there may be alternatives though
  11. I got problems with volcanoes again My main map (i.e. the map where i have the respawn, mall, buildings etc, and where i paste the biomes) is a map generated by tekkit months ago, only a small portion of it is already terraformed using voxel sniper and worldedit scripts, an area about 1600x1600 blocks, there i have the respawn and buildings. I used worldborder to generate a surface of 5000x5000 with the intention to load the entire map in worldpainter and do most of the stuff direcly over it, then use the merge function, and let minecraft populate the newly generated terrain (i.e the new worldpainter ladscapes and the previously made voxel sniper stuff) Problem is that as i'm doing it, either voxel sniper or worldpainter mountains etc are generated over a base genrated by minecraft, and there's lava in caves, so when i paint the populate layer over those areas and merge the map, it generates giant volcano clusters all around the populated areas, as you can see here it's a complete mess, my epic jungle valley ruined. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/69283283/2013-02-06_12.46.58.png https://dl.dropbox.com/u/69283283/2013-02-06_12.47.32.png Yes, it looks epic though, and would like a biome like that, just volcanoes all over the place, but just that, a biome, not the whole map lol Funny thing is that when tekkit generated the map in the first place (before terraforming) it barely generated volcanoes, and as far as i know the caves are the same caves as before so i dont get why the *** its now generating so many volcanoes. I tried to set the dimendion properties so that it fills cavers and chasms with water up to lv8, but didnt work by the looks of it. Does anybody know a way to remove/replce the lava for the entire map but just up to lv8-15? It's a big map, so doing it with McEdit is a pain in the a**
  12. yes, that's what i was talking about, massive copypaste operations cause massive lag
  13. hey, im quite bussy right now, will in deep reply you later when i finish at job, but no, you dont have to do anything with the region files, dont even touch them, just upload every single biome enclosed in a "ocean border map" to your server, load all maps to your server using multiverse, teleport to e.g biome1 and make a worledit selection surrounding your biome, then do //copy then teleport back to the main oceanic world and do //paste As i explained before those copy/paste operations are relative to your position in the map, so i would suggest to exectute the copy and paste commands at bedrock level in one of the bottom corners of your biome, then paste it in the new world standing at bedrock level as well. Bear in mind that copying an area/region of 600x600 blocks qill lag out the server for a long while, it may look like it crashes but it wont, just wait, same applies for the paste.
  14. thanks for the tip, you've just saved me countless hours generating forests and ores Yes, i know an alternative way to do it but can only be done server side. as you need worldedit. What i do is as follows. - First of all i prepare a big ocean map that will end up being the one and only map, and i create the spawn area, leaving a lot of free/water space to place the biomes lateron. - then i create the biomes, every single one with isle shape surrounded by ocean - load all maps/biomes with multiverse in your server. - goto a certain map/biome and copy the entire contents of it using WorldEdit. For this i like to make polygonal selections instead of square by typing //sel poly then select a first pos with the axe, and as many secondary positions with right click. Take care from where you execute the //copy command as it will copy/paste the region relative to your position. - goto the main ocean map and paste the new biome in an empty space enought to hold it.Again take care of your position. -Then if necessary i use voxel sniper to soften the edges, even underwater edges, by draining, smoothing and filling again. Hope this helps, bear in mind that this is a superheavy process for your server, it may look like it crashes when coppying pasting the regions, it may kick out everyone in the server being unresponsive for some minutes, but just let it do its job, dont try to restart or stop the server, it will recover with time depending on your server's power.And of course, dont attempt to do this with other players in the server This all works well, biggest issue for me is the cave systems, as you know worldpainter caves have nothing to do with vanilla cave systems, they are good for centain biomes, for example i like those kind of big caverns for nether or sky biomes, but they're too easy for a true survival map, i mean, you dig a hole, find a huge cave and just go down to gather some diamonds without even needing to dig a single block. That's now my biggest worry with the map creation. Been weeks looking for an alternate cavern generation method but havnt' found anything usefull.
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