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What about a Detect Traps/Perception skill?


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I was thinking this might be a good idea for a ranger ability. I personally think the rangers skills should be less focused on magic arrows and more on general spelunking and adventuring, but that's just a matter of taste I guess.

What I was thinking about was a Detect Traps skill - basically, when used, it would highlight all nearby possible redstone triggers (levers, pressure plates, trip wires etc).

I think it would be possible as a mechanic by making an alternate version of the redstone trigger items that are of a different color and has a weak glow (just to make themselves light up, not anything around, like powered redstone dust on the ground), then when the skill is used detect the triggers in the vicinity and swap them for their colored versions.

What do you people think? Is it possible? Is it a good idea?

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