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Reducing Bandwidth Usage


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I'm playing on a friend's server, and I built an HV Solar Array factory. Other people don't have any problems, but the factory uses up all my bandwidth (40kB/s I have a crappy connection). The moment the chunk it's in loads, the game stops loading chunks and it takes upwards of 10 seconds for my actions to register. If I fly far enough away, though, the game starts loading chunks again and everything goes back to normal.

I had a bit of lag while building it, but it was never unbearable and it's only recently become this bad. It stayed laggy even after the server owner reset the server.

I'm using RedPower machines for most things, with insulated red alloy wire whenever possible, and all my timers are set to at least 5 seconds. I am, however, using at least twenty Buildcraft Automated Crafting Tables, each with a redstone engine that's always running. They only go through one wooden pipe though, and they never overflow. Could the buildcraft crafting tables be the issue? Do you think that replacing the buildcraft crafting tables with the redpower one would fix it?

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We are using a server that can't handle much more then normal gameplay. So any lag causing issue is immediately noticable in server console and as lag for players. The top 3 problems we had so far :

- Retreating water in a quarry hole. Not much you can do except wait untill it is done if you cant remove the source blocks.

- Overflowing buildcraft pipes.Powered obsidian pipe run through condensor is a fast fix. Replacing with redpower tubes even better.

- Crazy lenghts of blinking redwire attached to timers. This was when someone put all timers in a central place and ran very long continuously blinking redwire all over the place to control filters and retrievers. We fixed this by replacing filters with retrievers and putting timers closer to the filters and ran the control line of the timer instead to his central workshop. Better yet is a more sensible setup that only runs on demand and not continuously. But this is more complex to create.

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