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Help with buildcraft pump


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Alright so I have a bit of a problem involving the buildcraft pump and i'm using tekkit 3.0.3 for Minecraft 1.2.5. Alright so over the past couple days i've been trying to construct a system of combustion engines to power my other machines, the problem is that the combustion engines are not getting cooled properly (already blew the top of my building sky high). I noticed that the buildcraft pump either stops pumping water completely or trickles in very slowly before stopping again (happens between 30 seconds to a minute). The configuaration is connected to infinite water source 5x5x1 square pool of water connected to 4 redstone engines pumping through 1 gold waterproof before entering a waterproof teleport pipe which again yesterday was working perfectly fine until today when i noticed the issue. The oil and fuel are all being pumped efficiently I should also add. Now I've also noticed a similar issue with my cobblestone generators one day it works fine the next the lava and water no longer connect in a timely manner, however that's a problem for another day. The only other issue could possibly be pointed towards my server which dedicated running windows vista 64x with 3gb of RAM. Haven't had any lag related problems in the past, everything runs smooth just having a major problem with liquids. If anyone has any idea of what might be causing this or how to fix, feel free to add your two cents to the mix.

Thank You.

Figured out the problem turns out it's very much the same problem that's messing with my cobble generators, liquids aren't updating fast enough... Is there anything that can be done to force liquid updates?

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