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Automatic Crafting Table Mk2 Confusion


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Greetings all,

I'm working on a machine to make other devices like transposers. I have been successful in getting all the components to the Automatic Crafting Table Mk2, and in the output box it shows my transposer, and I can manually remove them one by one...But, I cannot get anything to remove them for storage into a chest.

Does anyone have a working suggestion for the latest ver of Tekkit? Or is this a bug?

Some details of what I'm doing:

4 Chests > 4 Filters > 6 penumatic pipes (on redstone timer for 1 sec) > 1 Automatic Crafting Table Mk2 (transposer pattern in left window, finished transposer in right output box) > ??? > chest

Like stated before, I can see the machine deliver all the parts to the Automatic Crafting Table Mk2 but then it never outputs.


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Yes! got it working, the solution (and apparently the ONLY solution), is a wooden pip on TOP of the Automated Crafting Station Mk2. Which I lead into cobblestone transport pipes to a chest after powering the wooden pipe with a redstone engine...odd configuration, but it works.

[uPDATE] It only flushed out the units it had in the output box, making me think it was working but its not producing new units still...so one problem fixed, on to the next! (believe my filters are getting clogged by other components. They get stuck in the "ON" position, and when I remove the pneumatic pipe, other components pop out...so I need to figure out how to keep stuff from going into the filter.

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That sounded like a great idea, I was going iron pipe there for a moment. But I'm getting the same results. Must be my configuration.

So 4 chests side-by-side each with 1 filter behind it (so 1 row of chests, 1 row of filters), the filters are outputting to pipes, which end up all inter-connected because they are all next to each other, then one pipe OUT to the crafting station.

The behavior I'm seeing is that the filters get clogged even with restriction tubes on each of the filters outputs (then the filters connected to a pneumatic tube).

I see that they get stuck "ON" and if I remove the restriction tube, a red stone pops out (which shouldnt be there!)

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nope definately using restriction, they are black and have the "X" in them. I will have to post pictures of my setup here and see if there is anything someone can spot that I'm doing wrong. The filters just clogg immediately now, will reset the server and try again in a bit!

Thanks again, didnt even know about restriction pipes! or the output from the automatic crafting table!

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Ah see now mine arent seperated by a block..they were side-by-side..I will try spacing them more and see if I have better results.

[uPDATE] Yep that was the final step, seperating the filters keeps them from clogging up. I had one clog, but then after clearing them out, and putting the restriction tubes back in, now that they are seperated everything goes smooth.

I can now use this as a model for more machine generators.


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