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Is there a way I can change the blast resistance of a block?

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Errrm, that's the point of a personal safe. If you want chests to be available in protected areas, just add a plugin that protects chests, and either remove personal safes entirely, or limit their placement/use quantity. Anyway, there's no way to change the blast resistance of the vast majority of blocks.

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Well, players are already able to protect their land (and by extension, their chests) by purchasing worldguard plots from me. I didn't want players to be able to protect their items this easily, as it would circumvent the purpose of purchasing territory, but I was hoping that players could still use personal chests within the worldguarded areas for some level of privacy, yet have the chests be vulnerable if the worldguard region was lost.

Odd request, I know. I guess limiting the amount of personal safes would be a fair compromise, what would I need to do to do this? I don't see an option in the config for it, but there's probably a plugin somewhere out there for it...

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