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Self-Sustaining 1560EU/t CUSAC Quad Reactor


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I don't know if this is the place to post this, but here I go.

So, my friends and I were messing around on SSP and decided to build a gigantic nuclear facility. We stuck 2 MK5 reactors in it and were like YEAH! THIS IS GONNA GIVE US SHITTONS OF POWER!

...Each one made 680EU/t -_-

So I went into SSP and designed after many failures a Self-Sustaining 1560EU/t CUSAC Quad Reactor. I believe CUSAC is the configuration but I'm not sure. Anyways, it uses the RoundRobin pipe from Additional Buildcraft Objects, so you'd have to install that. If necessary, I will create a tutorial video for it, but otherwise I believe I have created more than enough screenshots for someone to build it correctly. The output of this thing is roughly 6240EU/t, but I didn't connect enough cables in the screenshots to carry it all, so it ends up being 2000~EU/t.

I monitored this thing for over 2 hours, and it did not lose any stacks of ice. I'm pretty sure it goes down 10, then goes up 10, then 10 down again and loops this forever.

It does not have an issue with Ice overflow; it just dumps it straight into the lava. I've witnessed VERY few overflows, to the tune of 3 blocks per minute.

Screenshots are here:


So yeah. I hope people can use this.

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