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Looking for people to make youtube videos


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Hey i am looking for people to make youtube videos because i can't record but i know a server you have to make an application like this:


Age(12-16)(i am 13):

Tekkit experience:

Skype or TeamSpeak(must have):

IGN(to recognize):

Time Zone(mine is GMT):

Can you record:

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Name: tyler1114 (Minecraft) Tyler (real)

Age: 12

Tekkik experience: I'm a bit of a jack of all trades, knowing the basics of red power, am advanced in equivilent echange, know my way around buildcraft and industrialcraft. I don't know much about computercraft however. And I'm not very good with the crop system. But for the most part, if a job needs to be done, I can do it.

Skype: firestar13579

Time Zone: CDT

Is the IGN required because I don't have an IGN.

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Hey i cant record but would be very interested in doing a LP heres my info

IGN: Injunjones

Age: 14

Skype name: thecodpro(itll say quarian fan, i play mass effect)

Timezone: US central(for now i move around, if i change ill let u know)

EXP: Im a bit of a jack of all trades but i still am working out the kinks of some problems i ve had (nuclear reactor, CC, etc)

Name, ill tell u on skype if need be

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Name: IGN: Terran350 Real: Darius

Age(12-16): 15

Tekkit experience: I can do everything... just need the equipment:) don't worry i'll find enough items on the first mine:)

Skype or TeamSpeak(must have): I have both but i use skype... pking4197

IGN(to recognize): Terran350

Time Zone(mine is GMT): Hawaii

Can you record:Yes up to 20 minutes of gameplay each episode

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