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Automated coffee?


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I'm wondering if anyone has managed to produce a fully automated coffee machine.

I got a cobble generator to produce extra mugs if not enough are returned

The milking and conversion into powder and all the other preparation is automatic

I just can't figure out how to harvest the coffee beans, or when to trigger it.

Deployers do nothing, and block breakers rip the crop sticks straight out and nothing else.

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I have come to the conclusion that IC2 agriculture is nearly impossible to automate.

I just pay another dude on my server to help me look after and harvest the crops for my brewery.

However, I am aware there is a plugin for Forestry that will assist you with this. But this is Tekkit, so, no dice.

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I thought that the deployers "right clicked" so I'm confused as to why they wont work.

As for determining the right time to harvest a plant, dunno, I figure you need counters and bud detectors or something.

Dunno about the deployers, perhaps forging a link bewixt Alblaka and Eloraam would be a good thing.

As for timing, there's all kinda of numbers and shizz available across the interwebs. It's also kinda obvious, so I guess you can semi automate for now.

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Well, the first step is figuring out how to harvest the things at all without doing it by hand, and I'm not sure if Alblaka even wants it to be possible to do so.

Right now we just got em in pockets of 8 around a transposer, and that at least sucks the beans up and deals with the rest.

It's a minimal amount of labor, but I would really like for it to be possible to automate.

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