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Looking for help to run tekkit server

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Gday peeps,

I'm currently looking for help to run a tekkit server.

The server is for 10 people with all the mods and mobs, and will be running 24/7.

I'm hoping to create a chilled out environment where players can just have fun and learn from one another about all things tekkit.

At the moment i'm just looking for 3 people who can help get the server ready and with lots creative ideas on how the server should be run.

I also have a website for the server which is still currently under design but you can see the work in progress here http://creepers.minecraft-node.net/ and again would appreciate any help in running the website as well.

If all goes well then I would look at upgrading the server to allow more people to join.

I must admit i am a bit of a noob when it comes to tekkit so some experience would be great but not necessary.

I'm based in the UK so preferably looking for people anywhere from Europe to help.

I should also point out that I'm in my mid 30's so ideally looking for people aged 20 upwards.

If anyone is seriously interested then please let me know :)

I should also add if you are interested if you could let me know the following:

1. IGN

2. Where you're from.

3. Age.

4. Your ideas for the server.

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