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  1. Try Deleting your .techniclauncher then login to redownload everything
  2. Hey man I pretty good with this stuff just PM me if your interested :D
  3. http://www.gizmoservers.com and depends on how much money you are willing to use
  4. Age:14 IGN:Freeman1312 timezone: UTC+8 exp with tekkit: Pretty Good exp with commentary: Ok :D
  5. Yes you will have to start a new world because you had already loaded a lot of chunks...:D
  6. Thanks a lot cause i was just really confused.....
  7. We are called Resource Inc. And we deal anything that involves resources. and your dupy design is one of the things we need although we already have one....we could use 2 :D
  8. Hey there guys....About the all the updates in tekkit i keep seeing new blocks and on servers theye they tell you the "right" way of a quarry set-up do you really need to use those energy links?
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