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Turn your whole SMP world into desert under people's noses


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Fun obnoxious, end-game goal for people on SMP servers:

1) Make a bunch of turtles

2) Make a bunch of world anchors or teleport tethers

3) Make a bunch of terraformers, wires, and HV or MV solar panels

4) Load up turtles with the above equipment, and program them to disperse throughout the known world in a systematic grid (You can have a central computer that keeps track of grid positions, and whenever a new turtle comes next to it or returns from the field, it reads their ID and assigns them the correct new position). Turtles can keep themselves in loaded chunks by placing world anchors, then going back and digging up the world anchor behind them, in a hop scotch pattern, without much lag (just keeping their immediate area loaded).

5) Turtles, upon reaching their assigned grid location, place down a solar panel, wire, and terraformer, and possibly a deployer, etc. (whatever is needed to put the programmed card in to make it start terraforming). Then they sit there and wait / check the server time until the terraformer should be done with its work. Then they scoop it back up, remove world anchors (to avoid permanent lag), and return to base, to check in for a new grid location with the central computer and to pick up a new terraformer or solar panel (if their broke - item detectors can check this).

6) All terraformers are set to desertification. Over time, the system will automatically (unattended), slowly terraform the entire known world into desert in a spiraling outward pattern.

Resources can be trivially supplied by EE if that is available. Otherwise youll need an impressive rig set up to make all the stuff. You could conserve a lot of resources though by manually or automatically using electric wrenches to dig up your terraformers to make sure they don't break. But at the cost of much more complicated computerization. If you did that, though, then you could desertify indefinitely with a fixed number of machines (just one initial startup cost).

Extra bonus points:

EBP 1) Tell people about how they can turn saplings into compressed biofuel, a few days before you do this, and hand out free fuel jetpacks. Maybe even start up a wind mill project for the server, so they have a reason to need fuel jetpacks (to go up high enough). This will help deplete people's supply of saplings. Meanwhile, make extensive private tree farms underground.

EBP 2) set up trade-o-mats near spawn trading diamonds for some number of logs/saplings/wood/etc. at a bargin price

EBP 3) etc. etc.

On second thought, Mycellium terraforming would probably be funnier.

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