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[Tekkit 3.1.2] ActionCraft Tekkit [Creative + Survival] [24/7] [Hosted]


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Looking for a server without abusive staff, without grief problems, and does not ban almost every item in Tekkit? You've come to the right place.


The server does not yet have a spawn building. Whoever can build a nice spawn in creative will have it become the official server spawn and receive free donor rank.

This is where you will start:


Server highlights:

- Creative and Survival worlds.

- Helpful, friendly staff. Have a problem? We are glad to help.

- Easy, and powerful self-serve land protection for both creative and survival worlds (Towny, and Grief Prevention)

- Auto-ranking system - no need to fill out forms just to become a member.

- Hosted - The server is hosted, meaning NO HAMACHI, and very little lag, if any.

- No world borders. We do not restrict how far you can explore.

- mcMMO - level up as you play.


- No griefing outside of the dedicated Anarchy world (coming soon!).

- No hacking, or using grief clients!

- Do not ask for ranks!

- Swearing is sllowed in moderation and never directed at anyone.

- Respect other players. If someone is annoying you, we have an /ignore command.

- Keep arguments out of the global chat. Either use local chat near the person, or use /msg.

- Report bugs. Do not EVER abuse them for personal gain. We may reward you for reporting a bug!

- Do not attempt to acquire or use banned items.

Banned items:

- Watch of flowing time.

- EE rings.

- EE collectors.

- Nukes*

- ComputerCraft Mining Turtles*

- World anchors.

- Teleporters.

- Mob eggs. (Creative)

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are banned for ranks lower than Member.


- Newbie - this is the rank you will start with. Do "/ar check" to find out when you will be ranked up.

- Player - The first rank after Newbie. As of right now, has no extra privileges over Newbie. This will not be the case for much longer.

- Member - This is the highest rank obtainable without staff approval. Members can use some items that lower ranks may not.

- Trusted - Staff approved promotion from Member. This rank will have limited WorldEdit in creative, and /nick. Not yet implemented.

- Mod - Lowest ranking staff position. This rank can use almost all commands. Mods help keep the peace in the server by enforcing the rules.

- Admin - Highest ranking staff position. This rank can use all commands. Admins have console and FTP access. Admins are assigned to assist with server maintaining and update decisions.

- Owner - Windows_i7_920 - I pay for the hosting of the server, and set up the server. Usually I am busy managing the technical end of the server.


To get here use "/ewarp creative".

In creative, you must protect some land before you may build. To do so, simply right click two opposite corners with a golden shovel. It must be at least 10x10 and not exceed your block allowance. As you play more, your block allowance will increase.

IP: actioncraft.playmc.co

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