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Cannot access Tekkit via Sky

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Hi all

I have FINALLY got here via a proxy server but its painfully and appallingly slow.

I have assumed the website was down, as I have not been able to access it for days now.

Turns out 'apparently' its something to do with this site using IPv6 and Sky broadband only using IPv4?

There is a massive thread about it on the Sky forum and reams of people who are trying to get into this site.

WTF? Has this website changed to IPv6 in the last few days (or changed something else)?

I don't understand why I suddenly cannot get access.

If I can't get in here for updates and info (without using the 2 minute per page proxy server route), then it looks like my Tekkit days are over. I can't change the broadband - it belongs to the building I rent.

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Take Sky to court........ Mmm..... is there not actually a slightly easier way than that impossible route.

My main question is... has anything changed about the hosting/tech side of this website in the last week that would stop me accessing it? Did it upgrade to IPv6?

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