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Ore Id's


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I need the Ore Id's (data id) of all the ressource that Tekkit add to the game. I can't seem to find them on the wiki and I'm not sure if they are the same than those in the individual mods.

(ex; 140.2 = ??? or uranium = xxx.x ???)

And if someone could tell me there normal distribution it would help me a lot

I've also seen that there's now two kind of emerald... what should be done regarding that issue ?

I want to integrate them to terrain control and also add them to that wiki article ; http://github.com/Wickth/TerrainControl/wiki/Tekkit

Thanks a lot for your help

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To get item IDs, go into your inventory, press options in the bottom left, and switch ItemID's to either Auto or Shown. Then just hover over any item in NEI or your inventory and next to the name the block ID will be shown.

Also, the two types of emerald are probably Emerald and Uranium - both green ores but different mods and completely different uses.

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