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  1. I actually think it was better than the first, at least to me. Great movie
  2. I still kinda use these forums as a homepage for whenever I'm browsing the internet, idk why I feel like Skyrim is the game with the most unfinished total conversion and expansion mods I've ever seen. Kinda weird, but I've never seen one of those cool projects which get hyped actually finished...
  3. Have... have you tried turning it on and off again?
  4. I'm pretty sure I had nothing to do with it, but I'm gonna take credit anyway And there's nothing you can do about it >: D
  5. It's just a cashgrab spinoff from what I can see, done with the same reskinned template every other series mobile game has been based off for years. Probably won't affect the actual game. Or at least I hope it won't...
  6. I'm still too scared to go online on that game .-.
  7. It's the utility mods like Unread Books Glow and SkyUI that I really miss unfortunately, but I'll look into those when I take a break from XCOM 2
  8. I'm enjoying getting back into Skyrim, but none of the mods I used to use are updated for SE yet :'(
  9. What is this "snow"? Whatever it is, I don't think Wales is big on it
  11. I've heard mixed reviews about it. Apparently the exploration is cool but gets boring quickly, which is basically what I expected from it. That said, I didn't follow it very closely. What was it supposed to be like?
  12. Still making ridiculous quality guns all the time? I'm basically just scripting left, right and centre at the moment
  13. Pretty good Unfortunately, since it's the summer holidays and I'm not naive enough to think I can do nothing but play War Thunder and Company of Heroes 24/7 for the next few months, I've recently gotten back into roblox. Wish me luck...
  14. The best thing about the re-vote petition is that it was apparently started by a pro-leave campaigner before the referendum who thought we would stay. Whether that's actually true or not I don't know, but it's a great story nonetheless
  15. I prefer Tracer to Mei, she's easier to use and fits my playstyle better. Definitely not because I'm English. Definitely. I mean, I got 59 kills in a round as Tracer, so ended up playing as her wayyy too much out of habit
  16. My life... my reputation... it's all ruined...
  17. It's not that dodgy is it? I never even thought of it that way O.e When the forum software got upgraded one time, and titles were introduced, it set anyone with a high post count to "advanced member" by default. It's kind of a pun on that which I never removed
  18. Any of you guys play the Overwatch beta over the weekend? I thought it was pretty cool, even if it is so similar to Team Fortress
  19. Well, at least someone can. Maybe quoting unlocks it or something? Edit: Okay, yeah, quoting allows you to post normally
  20. If I knew how to make a spoiler, I could answer the first two of those
  21. Apparently the guards don't like me trying to eat them...
  22. I'm only a primitive proto-member of the forums, I've yet to discover this "fire" you speak of Can I eat it?
  23. What's a dawn? There's no light in this cell Lethosos dragged me into...
  24. I still use the forums as my afk screen, but don't post a whole lot anymore. This must be my first time doing anything but lurking outside of the Kitty Jail for months...
  25. Within three minutes, servers worldwide will crash under the strain of the amount of spam being emailed to the account you just gave that bot
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