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Disabling Mods Via Config File


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I did some searching around, and found out that ComputerCraft apparently has a lot of bugs--that it's better to use redpower computers and simply not allow computercraft computers.

I've also found out that in your tekkit server's folder, you should find a "/config/ModLoader.cfg" file. That file should show a list of all mods, allowing you to easily disable any unwanted mod.

However, the file does not exist, and even if I force one into existance, it doesn't get touched by the server. So if I cant disable it through there, where do I disable the mod at?

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The Modloader.cfg was removed in recent versions, to disable computercraft completely (and while your at it i would also disable NEI due to a serious exploit) simply go into your mods folder and delete the computercraft folder (and the NEI.zip).

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