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  1. Has the server been having problems? I'm being disconnected every several minutes, and now it just seems to be offline.
  2. IGN: Strokend Reason for wanting to become a member: Proper plugin access Why should we accept you: Friendly, helpful, usually not causing a disturbance.
  3. Yeah, there are too many people who are too dumb to understand the meaning of versus: they think it means "murder somebody" rather than "Duel somebody," which involves an actual fight from the other player. It's not like you even get any items from killing another player, so why waste time doing it? I could understand two level 30's fighting to compare to one another, but that's not what anybody's doing. If you aren't a ranger, you'll find the warriors and wizards chasing you down, fast.
  4. As far as I'm aware, you can't cheat via NEI unless you're an op, so I don't intend to disable that. Thanks for telling me how to remove cc though.
  5. I did some searching around, and found out that ComputerCraft apparently has a lot of bugs--that it's better to use redpower computers and simply not allow computercraft computers. I've also found out that in your tekkit server's folder, you should find a "/config/ModLoader.cfg" file. That file should show a list of all mods, allowing you to easily disable any unwanted mod. However, the file does not exist, and even if I force one into existance, it doesn't get touched by the server. So if I cant disable it through there, where do I disable the mod at?
  6. Alex, that trick is exactly why many servers ban placement of the alchemist chest or alchemist bags. EE needs to have an option to not be able to transmute reduced quality tools to prevent that trick.
  7. Hey, Oi, there's an edit button for your posts, y'know. Just so that you don't have to spam the board. Alex, if you turn the dirt at or near spawn (even under it) into sand that's really preventing players from playing, so that is griefing.
  8. Actually, your post "explaining" yourself was full of bad grammar, as well as no logic. "I only put the ice there, not the flowing water" everybody knows ice=spring=flowing water so you are responsible. Building random junk in somebody else's house is considered griefing on its own, so even that's against the rules. Griefing is the ruining of buildings, not the destruction of them, so adding random junk counts. Besides, blaming a bomb on the victim isn't netting you any points.
  9. Are moderators supposed to close tickets that they can't "fix"? At spawn, it said to open a ticket to rank up once you meet the requirements, but mine got closed by a mod and I'm still just a member.
  10. The opening post wasn't really along these lines, but I suppose this would fit here more than in a new thread: Is there a way to prevent Multiverse from causing a bunch of bugs with the transmutation tables? A lot of the servers that look interesting have multiverse, which apparently conflicts with that specific part of Equivelent Exchange.
  11. Pretty much all I managed was to just start on my machines. Wasn't overly easy, what with nowhere to buy redstone at. Even the wizards wouldn't sell any. PS: Are you only whitelisting mods, or everybody? If it's everybody, my GN is Strokend
  12. I don't know what's wrong with all of you, saying that everybody here is friendly, because it's quite the opposite. I ask for help, people come running, sure... But they come running for the chance to kill a level 2 noob, not to help him. I'm hoping it's just that I was on at a bad time, but it's still not the experience you want when starting out.
  13. Yeah, that'd be annoying, what with the lack of chickens to get feathers from. If mobs don't exist, then there should at least be fossils for bones and something for feathers. A way to find gunpowder, too.
  14. That happened to me earlier, Lethring. Try joining other servers. If it's just this one, your playerfile got corrupt. By the way, since I can't get an answer in game: Are mobs disabled? The only mob I saw was the one baby chicken from a thrown egg.
  15. Ah... Alright. Mostly all I had gotten was three glowstone dust and the orange alchemy bag, so it's not a huge loss.
  16. IGN: Strokend The server may note several failed attempts to get in, while I was seeing if it was a constant problem.
  17. Unfortunately when I left the party for a bit and tried to come back, my game crashed and refuses to let me enter the server now... Any idea how to solve this problem? Pushed back my version and updated again, apparently all the mods stopped loading until I did that. Now to figure out how to not crash upon joining...
  18. Ah, but efficiency comes in several types. The question was geared towards single-"company" efficiency over time efficiency. Mining wells might not have as much control as a redpower mining arm, but they only need their own block, the power of self operating engines (Works at night!), mine really fast, and don't need to be pulled back out. You'll be clunking a few things in that you have to personally reload after time (Just a single steam engine works a single mining well fast though, so that's not a big downer), but it means you don't have to wait for it to go down and up and left and forward and right and backward over and over. Time efficiency over quality efficiency I'm often geared towards. I don't know the best machine set ups, but I do set them up in ways where there won't be much power loss, typically none whatsoever. Even if I do wind up with five batpacks always full of energy as a result, isn't that a good thing? My houses are cubes to fit as much stuff inside as possible, even though it means difficulty getting around to areas, such as the roof, but the inside is where it matters. The saucer isn't quite a cube shape, but it leaves room for an observation dome up top, solar array around it, and you can even have the occasional windows looking down in the ring around the center to see just what land you're over.
  19. Yes, that is why I said to leave the wells elevated. Two spaces of elevation allows you to pop the pipes out of the way so that you can fly again. I can get the wells themselves to work, but I'm not so clever when it comes to the movement of the frames and such.
  20. I've seen a few videos where people use redpower frames covered in covers on the outside to move around and perform things. What I understand is that redpower frames can hold panels and covers INSIDE their own block, but psuedo blocks like torches and levers can't go onto them, so a panel is used to hold it. A cover on the other hand, prevents stuff from sticking to the frames. There is a motor that can move a whole series of items stuck together by moving a frame directly, even if they're in the air, but I don't know how to get that to work, especially not efficiently. As for a "Flying redpower saucer" I meant that it would have up and down capabilities in adition to left, right, forward, and backward. I personally like to have my structures actually look like something sensible, rather than a bunch of clusters of frames only added to support the wires, though it may not be very efficient, hence the "Or cube"
  21. Because mining wells don't need to be stocked with frames which would make it even more complicated.
  22. I'm not a very clever redpower builder, but I was wondering if it's safe to build a flying redpower saucer (or cube) with buildpower mining wells attatched. The mining wells would have to be elevated slightly, so that you could pop away the mining pipes, but other than that I'm not entirely certain how it would work, or if it would even be compatible. Would trying to pull engines, pipes, and mining wells crash the game? If it is safe, I would like to see how to build such a contraption; I'd love to just fly about striping the world of its resources :D
  23. How do you install RealMOTD? When it's downloaded, it's a seperate .jar, and moving its contents into tekkit.jar breaks it.
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