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Adding/installing mods into Technic Launher, Yogbox Etc


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I want to Add some mods that I found on youtube like Toomanyitems and turret mod etc, But I have no clue how to add them into technic, tekkit, or yogbox. I have watched countless videos on how to do so but i can not find any. This is for mac, please help! I see a button "mod select" but when i click it nothing happens!

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To start with, this isn't the correct forum to ask how to add mods. Try in technic general. In fact, I think there are several threads there already on the topic.

Second, we have NEI(Not Enough Items) already. It's better than TMI.

Third, that button has no effect at the moment. It did in the past, might in the future, but not in the present.

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