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  1. Don't check the forums for a few days and see what you miss? Anyway, scum of the earth... I like that. Feels right, you know? Thank you friend, you have opened my eyes. Why, without your insightful post, I would still be in the dark about my true nature. Thank you, thou noble anon with a name. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some baby animals to gruesomely murder. 'ta
  2. Bumping: also not encouraged around here. I don't post every day, hold your horses. As to your code, before you think about reflection at all, does what you have even compile? Because it looks like it won't, what with the two launch methods in your Main class, among other things.
  3. As I said before, without seeing your code, it's difficult to advise you. That said, here's how the technic launcher currently does it. Perhaps you can adapt this method to your launcher... thing. https://github.com/TechnicPack/TechnicLauncher/blob/master/src/main/java/org/spoutcraft/launcher/launch/MinecraftLauncher.java#L103-L131
  4. First, stop signing your posts. It's against the rules. Second, spoutcraft is what the technic launcher is built on. It's a bit easier to just fork (ie. change some code and redistribute) that than to roll your own launcher. Third, as you already have made your own launcher apparently, there's no way we have any idea how you've coded it, so we can't easily tell you how to add a particular feature. Got a publicly accessible repo or the launcher itself we could look at?
  5. Look in the common launcher problems thread, there are a couple things you can try. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/common-problems-and-solutions.10851/
  6. If you're using ID resolver, there's no guarantee that the settings for block IDs in the config are taking effect.It also can have other strange effects, and might not make smart decisions, like here, where it's setting the block IDs for still and flowing oil wrong. (aside: not much to do with xycraft, I don't think. What you may be seeing is that it gets past the xycraft block and then crashes with the error above). I would especially caution against using ID resolver for a pack, where the server's block IDs and all the player's block IDs need to match. It could make different decisions on both side, rendering people unable to connect. I'd ditch it and do your configs by hand, as theprolo said (and you apparently misinterpreted).
  7. The servers are under a pretty large amount of load. Sometimes they go down. The team is working on it, so give it time.
  8. Just to make sure, if it's the new launcher, it's stored in .technic, not .techniclauncher. Assuming you got that right and moving on... I noticed a gregtech NEI plugin. If you installed gregtech and it detects that it's being run from technic, it will intentionally crash the process, so that's a possibility. The second log says it failed to download a file, or rather, that the download was cancelled. That's definitely causing a crash, but I'm not sure what's causing the download cancel. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  9. If you have hosts set up correctly, that's sort of what it should be doing. If you're trying the alternate methods after already having it fail once, it could be caching a bad DNS return, not necessarily on your computer, but somewhere more upstream. Nothing much you could do but wait in that case.
  10. Basically, reflection is the part of java that makes it act like the dynamic language it should have been. You tell the virtual machine, show me the internals of that guy's class, and then you go to work with a hacksaw and a sense of expirimentation. http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/reflect/index.html
  11. don't bump your own post, It's bad form. Anyway, if the mod provides a configuration file that has an option that does what you want, you can use that. Else decompile it, rewrite it and recompile it. Edit: it is also possible to write a mod which alters the behavior of other mods, using reflection.
  12. Not sure what you want to help with... Anyway, the technic team needs to update their data files to enable 1.5. Give it a couple days, I'm sure they're very busy. Absolutely can't wait? Use the vanilla launcher and copy over your save if you have one.
  13. Just a thought, instead of writing to NBT, you could use a HashMap somewhere in your code to map the item to the item stored inside of it. Just need some unique property for the item to key off of.
  14. As I haven't actually installed your mod, what exactly does the spy bench do, if you don't mind my asking?
  15. You only need to care about solder if you're creating your own pack. The error message you got indicates that you couldn't contact the technic servers and thus couldn't download any mods, nor even the list of what mods were available. The problem was wither with your internet or the technic servers.
  16. ...the mindcrack modpack. As in, the one that uses the FTB launcher. As in, the launcher that is not the technic launcher. Assuming that that's the modpack you're talking about, (I think it is, as the FTB launcher is sort of MultiMC based, and MultiMC is the component that uses instmods), why on earth would we be the people to ask about changing an FTB modpack. I'd think the FTB forums would be a lot more helpful in answering an FTB related question...
  17. You can install it yourself. Just drop the playerAPI into your modpack.jar and smart moving into your mods folder.
  18. You're pretty demanding. And posting in the wrong subforum. Try posting in the bug board. With logs.
  19. "newest" does not necessarily mean "same version the server is running". Ask the server admin for the version you should use and switch to that.
  20. If it's just doing vanilla, not even loading forge, then your config files don't matter yet. You seem to be using GUIAPI. That's a forge coremod, not a jar mod now if I'm not mistaken.
  21. No, not really anything to do with the OS. User error. The program simply did exactly what he told it to do. by default technic puts its files and the modpacks in ~/Library/Application Support/technic, but you can tell it to put stuff anywhere you want, and the king of games here told it to put things on the desktop. And it did. Fix: take the actions you originally took (changing technic's data folder), but in reverse.
  22. gotyaoi


    MCPC for 1.4 is dead. If you want bukkit plugins, you could try bukkitforge, a forge mod that provides a compatibility layer for bukkit plugins in the vanilla server.
  23. Looks better. Does it work now?
  24. Yes, all the contents of forge. If that includes a META-INF, then it goes in, but there won't be one there already. Again, the launcher takes care of that.
  25. Better option: you give detailed information about how it isn't working and post logs and we try and find out why it isn't working.
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