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Server Funding | MineMod.org server


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People it is sad, but I am in need of some help.

I represent a medium sized Tekkit server called MineMod, found at the following:

Server = *******.org

Forums/Website = *******.org

At the moment we run with 14 slots and have 500-600 registered players (greylist).

We are trying to upgrade what we have in order to accommodate more players and this is what we have planned:

3x Economy tekkit server (20 slots each)

1x Supporter server

I have spoken to various hosts and have looked into how this upgrade should be done.

One thing I am certain of is that this is going to cost more than I can put up.

A wise person would say that you should only bite off what you can chew, but I can run a server that big and I am experienced in the following ways:

Java Programmer, many of the plugins on the server are my own. I started MineMod out as a testing facility for my plugins and then...well it grew.

Server-side languages, I know PHP and can manage databases.

Client-side languages, the obvious: html, js, jquery, css, you get the point.

If you are interested in helping me maintain my server then please PM me or post below and I will get back to you with more details.


[email protected]

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The thing is, MineMod is no ordinary server. The players are here because they like a small server. Having 20x3 servers is to them, nicer than a 60 slot server.

We have donations and we have supporter but both have only provided half of what we really need.

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See the Beastnode guys. I have my hosting through them (30 slots for $15US a month) and they are very helpful and are super affordable. They also use the Multicraft panel which is really easy to use (especially for if you want to manage multiple servers. I think an 18 slot server is just under $10 a month. Plus free hosting and MySLQ! :)


^click me for more hosting help

NOTE 4 Admins: I am merely trying to help! Not just advertising crap on your forums.

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You know how it is, discounts always help.

They also have a location in Paris from memory. That might be as fast as your current host? Besides 6 servers is a bit extensive isn't it?

Regardless you want to stay with your current host, so you could just install Survival games plugin and it would be utilized as the hunger games and the ViP server? (I have visited your website) I dunno just trying to help you cut costs...

Here is the plugin with no affiliates link this time... ;)


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