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  1. Can you please paste your launch.bat file. If you're playing minecraft on the same computer the server is hosted on you will always see the server get affected by client lagg spikes. I would recommend hosting it on another computer if possible or even renting a server.
  2. This is useless, there are potentially thousands of possible problems. Are you using MCPC+ or BukkitForge? Are you using plugins? Can we see the server log? What mod can't you place blocks from?
  3. Your errors are coming from BukkitForge so I would recommend doing either one of two things: Try using a newer version of BukkitForge. OR Try running the server without BukkitForge and see if it starts up. If it works without BukkitForge use MCPC+ instead.
  4. The space race begins.... http://minemod.org/index.php?threads/minemod-tekkit-space-race.725/
  5. Galacticcraft's getting a few new planet's I believe in the next version. Other than that we're open to any community suggestions, if you've got an idea feel free to put it forward on the forums.
  6. MineMod Tekkit | A New Dimension Ladies and gentlemen, we're pleased to announce that MineMod is opening a Tekkit server. Tekkit has been at our core for some time, we started up as a Tekkit server some eight months ago. In late 2012 we dropped the pack after support was left at 1.2.5 We are now confident that 'New' Tekkit will continue to bring you modded enjoyment from a well trusted community. Our new server is Grief/Raid, but with the added feature of Factions to help you colonise the world with your friends. Our staff are always mature and our hardware is loc
  7. | Quick Links | smp2.minemod.org | Official Passive Server smp3.minemod.org | Official Grief Raid Server ts.minemod.org:50275 | Teamspeak Server mumble.minemod.org:50798 | Mumble Server twitch.tv/minemodtv | Our Livestream twitter.com/minemodent| Our Twitter minemod.org | Website and Forums | Server Information | We run the Official Servers for the Universal Electricity/Voltz mod pack, obtainable from the Technic and Feed-The-Beast launchers. The servers have the following mods installed: Basic Components Atomic Science Assembly Line Railcraft Electric Expansion
  8. I'm pretty sure you're gonna need a new forge version
  9. That means the mod the item is from is not running
  10. Logic gates are coming so mattredsox tells me
  11. If you get the server files from http://calclavia.com/ you don't need to unzip the jar file.
  12. Mystcraft will still work fine if you manually add it. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/918541-146-mystcraft-09500/ There was some intense debating over whether we should keep it, whether we should remove it server side... But in the end it had to go, in the last build it crashed servers and it is still deemed too basic to run securely on SMP. Of course if you do choose to download Mystcraft there are several more manual ways of controlling the creation of ages, disabling certain recipes can help and there is still some support from other mods (ICBM) making it quite compatible.
  13. I'm back! And I edited my post a while ago to link you to the FTB repo (UniversalElectricity from FTB is the same as Voltz). FTB seem to think that they can distribute the server jar, whereas Technic don't. Don't know who's right but that link is waaay easier.
  14. Hi, i just answered this: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/server-installation.33715/ Hope it helps. As much as I would like to sign this with a simple 'louiskw' to follow in the practices of the english language. I can't so here's a "Merry Christmas" to make up for that.
  15. To do this you need to be able to use custom jar files from the multicraft control panel. Download the server from this link: https://github.com/Universal-Electricity/Voltz-Mod-Pack/archive/master.zip Open the file called 'Server' In this release you need to remove mystcraft from the mods folder as it crashes the server on startup. Upload everything inside 'Server' to your server. Create a folder called 'jar' and drag 'UE-Mod-Pack-V1-Server.jar' into it. In the multicraft control panel, insert 'UE-Mod-Pack-V1-Server.jar' into the custom jar config option. After this y
  16. Download the server from this link: https://github.com/Universal-Electricity/Voltz-Mod-Pack/archive/master.zip Open the file called 'Server' In this release you need to remove mystcraft from the mods folder as it crashes the server on startup. After that's done run one of the .bat files depending on how much ram you want to run the server on.
  17. Well... I was told they both release updates within 24 hours of each other
  18. There are some issues with people using Mac getting crashes when trying to launch the pack. IceWolf says he is on the case. Merry Christmas everyone! louiskw
  19. True, but someone said that it wasn't an exploit so I decided to point out that in-fact. It was.
  20. Sorry if I came across as rude earlier. I'm that guy who was on the CP for freeze. I was just trying to make a point about the exploits as I also host with them. -louiskw
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