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  1. Can't resolve Hostname. I have no idea what this means, but if the server is down, I might have to sing a song.
  2. I took it because you were going to betray me. Also, I've already gone over the fact that the machine obliterated it. I will hunt you down. Nothing will bar my way, and I WILL see victory. -The Partisan
  3. MC Account Name:Aergis How long have you been playing Minecraft? Two years now, I think. I've gotten very good How long have you been playing Voltz/Universal Electricity?Since it's release day. My friend called me and told me there was a new pack, and I was ecstatic. What would you say your skill/knowledge level is in Voltz? (beginner, fair, adept, etc) Adept. I know almost all of the UE stuff, and it's just the pipes and whatnot that I don't get. I'm learning fast, though. Why do you want to play on the server? I've been wanting to play with people and RAIN DESTRUCTION ON THEM OVER THE COURSE OF A THOUSAND YEARS. Also, it's funner when the enemies put up a fight. Creepers never try to shoot down my missiles. What do you think you'd like to do if you are accepted? It depends what you're doing. I'm going to try to get high explosives and rain destruction though. If you're already doing that, I might try to form an alliance and defeat you.
  4. All languages start using the exact same syntax so you don't forget it... The same syntax as BASIC, that is. The sudden lack of quality in programming languages crashes every program(almost) ever, as suddenly, their code does not match the syntax. Everyone gangs up and murders you for breaking Minecraft. I wish I could transfer my brain to a completely working quantum computer with full input from visual, audio, and vibratory sources, with a completely working phylactery so my soul does not perish. It is made of high energy particles as well, so it is nearly indestructible (I forget which quarks are the high-energy ones).
  5. Granted. You are killed by Kenpachi.(That is how you spell it, right? I haven't watched bleach in so long...) I wish I was completely happy with the corruption of my wishes.
  6. Server's dead. You need to reboot(Not reset) it. Addendum: By reboot I mean turn it off and then on again so that it'll run smoothly for a while again.
  7. (1. IGN:Aergis (2. Age:16 (3. First time joined the server:About 2 weeks ago, now (4. Why do you want to be a mod: So I can effectively bring justice to those who cheat and those who spawncamp. I hate spawncampers. (5. What do you think that makes you a good moderator: I will probably be on a lot, so I can do at very least low level management. I'm also very honest, fair and pretty mature for my age..
  8. (1. IGN: Aergis (2. Age: 16 (3. First time joined the server: No. I've been playing half a week or so. (4. Why do you want to be a mod: I've been playing a week or so and have noticed people spawncamping and I'd like to be able to make them stop. (5. What do you think that makes you a good moderator: I'm extremely honest and I play on that server a lot. Edit: Also, the servers ARE down =(
  9. Didn't know I could do that, sct - thanks.
  10. I was thinking maybe a handcannon railgun. But we already have the rocket launcher that fires T1 missiles, so we basically have guns.
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