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  1. Hello its santho98 (aka. Poui) from voltz.Chudgaming.com

    Do you know what's going on with the server ? it have been down for almost 3 days now

  2. It is painfully obvious that Technic Pack is a large number of people's first experience with interfacing with programmers who don't get paid to work on the product they produce. If you were using any build other than the recommended stable build, you assumed all risk involved with running a program that has not been fully tested and bugfixed. Granted the recommended build lacks the features of the latest ones, many people find themselves bitching about the product as if they paid for it. They aren't screwing anyone as much as you are screwing your server population by providing them with a testing environment rather than a stable one. If you're tired with the rate at which stable environments are released, the TechnicPack launcher has a beautiful feature where you can upload your own custom modpack with the versions you oh so crave.
  3. In the second screenshot, you need to dig out that netherrack to create a bracket ] shape of water. Those blocks will create steam! Inversely, you could raise your water level by 1 block and cover the tops of the middle electromagnets, those create steam too. The design that you are using looks like one of the first videos from TacticalLion, I'd advise giving them another look to perfect your very-close replica. I see you are using insulated silver wire. Fusion reactors produce gobs and gobs of power. Aside from superconductor wire, you're going to have a % of resistance in each of the different types of wires. The more power you attempt to put through one, the more power will be lost in the material. I would recommend making the upgrade to superconductor wire ASAP. You have fire and no plasma in your tubes. That is a sign that the actual reactor itself is starved of power. Likely due to power loss in your cabling.
  4. Aside from the modpack versions listed in your launcher, there are no other versions of 'Voltz' developed and supported by the official dev team. Smartassyness aside, you are more than welcome to snag the updated individual versions of all the UE plugins and attempt to assemble/troubleshoot them yourself into a custom modpack. Custom modpacks are generally less popular, naturally, but it is possible to have huge success with them. Take the Aegis Gaming crew, for example. They run a custom modpack and have a relatively large following.
  5. World Edit is not a plugin included in the Voltz modpack. Therefore, it is not supported by the Voltz devs. It isnt a bug, World Edit is doing exactly what it was programmed to do - Interact with Vanilla Minecraft.
  6. I do believe you accidentally this whole thread!
  7. The recommended build -is- currently the most stable build the devs can offer while at the same time having confidence in its ability to be maintained on a server without numerous crashes/corruption. It is a trade-off though as far as the latest features you speak of. Thing is you're thinking in the wrong frame of mind. The devs will appeal more to the server owners than the players because there are no players without a stable environment in which to play. Without a healthy number of active servers, the devs would be forced to do more in-house testing and likely miss a handful of bugs. A small dev team won't catch as many bugs as thousands of players will. Running any dev build for Voltz is a nightmare for anyone attempting to host a new Voltz server with additional plugins. Additionally, you see so many version updates because the devs perform bugfixes as well as add new and exciting content. Eventually they will end up with a build that accomplishes both without introducing new bugs, and that release will become the next stable release. It is counter productive to the creative process to stop the presses and focus on one build (Look at Tekkit Classic). Considering these guys likely program and assemble these modpacks as a hobby, I'd say they do a damn fine job as it is. If you want speedier stable releases, you should contribute detailed bug reports in the appropriate forum. It helps more than you think.
  8. I feel for you. These modpacks can be a pain in that regard. So here's a point of view to ponder. I'm taking a logical look here so don't take this for fact but this is my best guess. The launcher self-manages what mods and mod versions should be initialized when you select "Voltz" in your modpack selection. It looks to the settings you designate in the options where you pick which version you want to load (1.0.11, 1.0.13, etc.). If you manually update your mods, you 'may' need to load it in as a custom modpack so it doesn't attempt to bump your current versions with the versions stored in the database for the version of voltz you have selected.
  9. 1.1.0 as I understand it was yanked entirely. To expand on Niavmai's comment, anything other than a recommended build is a dev build and isn't necessarily stable. As I've seen, they can be very stable; however when you begin adding multitudes of the staple plugins we see these days, stability tends to go out of the window in dev builds.
  10. Specifics would help. Which anchor : personal or world? If its a personal anchor, it only keeps one chunk loaded. The reactor could very well be on the border of one chunk (either on one side or split down the middle) and the anchor on the opposite side, or unable to load the entire reactor. Factions and Towny have active (and ugly) map features that give you the tools to determine chunk borders and can be very useful to planning base construction. Also, how long are you away? Are we talking a quick 30 second /spawn then /home? Lastly, what setup are you using? In that version of Voltz you can set up a reactor in such a way that it never overheats and doesn't need an inhibiting rod and (as I've seen) sometimes the inhibit rod actually hinders the function of the reactor depending on what you have the temperature limit set to.
  11. Step 1 : Craft Nuclear Boiler, place & wire to power. Bucket water in or perform the optional step below. Insert Uranium ore (Uranite, w/e) (Optional) : Set up a 3x3 infinite water supply & connect water pipes & pump to Nuclear Boiler. Dont forget to power the pump Step 2 : Craft Centrifuge (or 2) and place immediately adjacent to the Nuclear Boiler. The Centrifuge will automatically pull the Hexafluoride into its own reserves. Apply power and it will create Breeding Uranium at a relatively slow rate. Step 3 : Take the Breeding Uranium and place it back into the Centrifuge in the slot next to the Hexafluoride reserve. With Breeder Uranium in this slot, the Centrifuge will sometimes refine a wafer into Enriched Uranium. If it does not, the Breeder Uranium will not be consumed, and the Centrifuge will instead produce a Breeder Uranium. You can run 2 Centrifuges off of one Nuclear Boiler or 3 if you decide to manually bucket water in. EDIT: A noteworthy addition. The centrifuge only currently accepts power from the face shown. If you accidentally place that face towards the boiler or any other object you cannot afford to move I would advise using a wrench. The centrifuge almost instantaneously steals hexafluoride from the boiler when placed and if you are bucketing water, breaking the centrifuge to reposition it will be highly inconvenient as it does -not- store the hexafluoride. Sorry if this is too dark to see :
  12. It takes a few minutes for the reactor to warm up, 3-5 minutes max most of the time. Itll act like it only wants to produce half of the watts until it fully warms up.
  13. Trick I learned from the Calclavia forums from user KingKaizoku : steam can pass through two layers of turbines. That said, you can do no more than double your power output from a single layer setup. I was able to effectively double my power output from my ~1 MW design. My previous design was redone with a second layer of turbines as seen below. KingKaizoku linked screenshots of a reactor he built originally built in 0.4.1 Atomic Science producing over 4 MW of power. I loaded his world file into 1.1.0 Voltz using 0.3.8 Atomic Science and the exact reactor produced ~1.8 MW. Seems as though the next update is buffing Fusion by a sizable amount! New World File to below - http://puu.sh/29yZd Also, I'm unsure of their usefulness, but the steam funnels seem to aid in transferring steam from one layer to another. Any dev comment on their function would be appreciated.
  14. I mean hell, whatever's clever I guess. I almost reached 1 MW on a single core after the fusion nerf. Not bad for ~2 days working with fusion!