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tekkit lag something to do with panels

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so i have a private server on which i just have 3 people playing including myself and we build random stuff while playing in survival, so i dug out a room about 6x11x7 in a mountain and covered the inside of it with iron panels and a few lamps (lumar not redstone) to give it a futuristic look and it was fine for like 20 hours server time ( about 3 real days, we dont play minecraft all day long) and now the closer we get to the room we get major lag, i removed the panels and the lag is still there, on our last server we were forced to reboot after making redpower frame space ships on which after about 20 hours server time of me outfitting the inside of my spaceship with panels we had major lag in the area, this caused us to move to a new server as we thought our ships were the problem. a server previous to that was also abandoned cause of major lag but it was caused by having 3 mk3 collector/relay flowers generating tons of emc, i was wondering if there is a fix for the lag or how to get rid of the lag after removing the cause of the lag any help would be appreciated.

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