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  1. MIA: Missing Inaction

    1. TheBytemaster


      Wouldn't that mean there was action?

    2. Lethosos


      Or a lack of action. Specifically, female action.

      *ba-tum-tish!* :D

  2. This thread is full of delicious tears. Sounds like OP is upset he can't take the latest awesome modpack and mass-sell it to his players and keep riding the cash cow.
  3. It means that the layer (known as the "JVM" or "Java Virtual Machine") that essentially acts as a communication layer between your computer and the java software you are trying to run isn't there or loading for some reason. Do you have Java installed?
  4. OP, please type in full sentences. It's hard for the community to read when you shorthand everything, and reading is what this community excels at. Additionally, when you put half-assed effort into your posts, we then put half-assed responses back in helping you. We're all self-made men and women here and willing to help another out, but only if you put in the time and effort.
  5. Hey! You stole my title and mangled it!

    1. SimpleGuy


      Borrowed and improved!

  6. Toki Wartooth of Dethklok, leader of the Gears and silly guitarist that adores cute animals, how dare you say the name of he-who-should-not-be-named?
  7. Let's stick to the topic on hand and not get into the whole one-sided mindset that it's FTB vs Tekkit and play out the zombie discussion that ensues. It's not an "us vs them" kind of deal. People can play both, none, either, and not be total dickpickles. Or embody the definition of dickpickle. That's life. This. This is Hexxit.
  8. You forgot my favorite: ~*Sparklefarts*~
  9. hi im new to technic and ive just signed up.

    my question is , everytime i try and launch a mod pack it opens for 10 seconds and then suddenly closes , why is this ? and how can i sort it out ?

  10. What if I had insight into Hexxit from a lil birdie? What if I said someone posted something somewhere in the forum that was spot on? What if the answer was right there in front of each of your noses, waiting to be discovered? A lot of "what ifs" floating about, who knows what's truth, lies, or speculation!
  11. It's ok, neither do I. The PM's I get fall generally fall into two categories: Worthy of an immediate permaban, or "Oh ok didn't realize it was a rule I won't do it again". In the early days the former was dominant. Now it's just mostly no PM's.
  12. I dunno who locked it but I agree on the move especially after post 2 this thread degenerated to nothing but squabble over whether it should get locked or not. Leave that decision to the mods, it's not something that should be argued about among mere mortals. Instead be excited about this mystery thingy thang and talk about it!
  13. I'm a big fan! Please centralize all discussions on this topic in the aforementioned link. Thanks.
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