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Port forward issues


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Hi i'm running winxp i have a tekkit server and can run it loacally but when someone tries to log into the server it comes up red and unable to connect to the server.

I have port forwarded my router

when i go to run cmd ipconfig it gives me my ip address but when i go to a online port checker it has a different port listed as mine? when i try my ip address that i got from my ipconfig and that my router is set up for it says my port is closed? when i use the ip address that the port checker website has listed for me and try port 25565 it says it's open??

I have avast and i have checked my winxp firewall and it has .minecraft on 25565?

any help would be appreciated


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canyouseeme.org is my fav way of checking my external IP / seeing if my port is open...

i still use no-ip DUC but that is because im lazy and i like nice things =]

Edit:also i found that if i did everything correct in configs and its still not showing up right... RESTART =] sometimes hard questions have easy answers

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I have a static ip set up for one of my computers the one that minecraft is on, I have set up minecraft server and allowed the port 25565 in my winxp firewall, my routers (modem ip is ***.***.***.***) when i log into canyouseeme or port checker it list my modem ip i put in 25565 and check it, and it is open when i put my static ip that i created for my computer it says it's closed? I have gone onto my routers webpage and in firewall added the computers static ip and the port both under tcp and udp adn it lists it as forwarded.

when i set up my tekkit server do i give my friends my static ip address or my modems ip address?

thanx again

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