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Computercraft "bios:206: [string "mine"]:1: '=' expected"

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I tried to get on computercraft forums but they are down with some bandwidth problem so i had to post here, ive been trying to make a simple mining program for my mining turtle but it gives me the same error all the time "bios:206: [string "mine"]:1: '=' expected".

My code is here:

while turtle.detectDown do

excavate 2

go up 5



Help would be appreciated, thank you. ~Bloxxer159

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shell.run("excavate", 2)

shell.run("go", "up", 5)

And I have no clue what you think this will do. As it starts it will check below it, excavate a 2x2, go up 5 from it's starting point, drop 25 items from it's first slot and nothing else, then end the loop because it just went up so there can't be anything below it.

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