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Tekkit crashes


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I've made some additions to my single player map and just recently added a 2nd teleporter for oil. once i did that i crashed while flying using the jet pack. After multiple attempts to log back in, i can log in, but once in game the game crashes and says "saving chunks" then white screen. Any idea how to fix this? I read somewhere that having a mess of piping and other stuff can sometimes crash your map, but i don't think i'm in that group...

Thanks guys

EDIT: I'm running everything currently up to date. Haven't modded anything that doesn't already come with the Technic launcher. I've got the latest version of Java, and i've set the memory to 4GB(i've got 8 on my machine) The only thing i have is the Sphanx texture pack.

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Well i didn't want to have to start all over, but oh well, that's minecraft...take what you've learned and make something new. Thanks for the help regardless!

But i'm curious as to know why adding another waterproof teleporter for oil made my map crash. I don't know where to find the error log, but meh...oh well

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