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What's wrong with my server?


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I started to host a Tekkit server, but it won't go online, without Hamachi. I hosted previously server with my old comp (Mac) and now using win7.

I have portforwarded my router with previous comp.

Ip should be (ip, that i got from ipconfig, http://whatismyipaddress.com gives this ip:

), that worked with mac, but now only I can use that ip, my friends cannot. I have tested with and without that :25565.

Any suggestions what's wrong? Please help!

Thanks. :D

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goto multiplayer, 'add server' and put in your 91.(whatever) IP

You can just use the 192.(whatever) for yourself, and it will work.

Just me personally I like to use the external IP, so I know if it goes down on the network, or router flakes out, I can see I cant login either.

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There is a lot of problems with windows firewall (in general..not tekkit related :P) Its one of the first things I turn off when installing windows, along with UAC and all that.

The way I see it, it only stops reallllly basic things. which my router does already. and anyone that could manage to get past my router, that cheap firewall it comes with wont stop them either. On top of that, its annoying when popping up everytime I add something new asking if I want to allow it.

IF it does run into an issue, it SHOULD pop up and ask if you want to allow the tekkit server to go out. Just tell it 'yes' for everything on it.

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If you can connect with the 192. IP yourself fine..but not the 91. one...the only difference is if the router lets it in.

You sure the IP of the machine its hosted on is

goto start run and type 'ipconfig' and hit enter on the machine the server is running on..see if that matches.

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Do this..find the 'dmz' setting in your router, set the to the 'dmz' IP in there and apply it.

IF that doesnt make it work, its soemthing on the machine itself stopping it. DMZ makes that IP open to everything incoming. bypassing the routers filters and 'routes'

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