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Mod Compatibility with Tekkit 3.1.2


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I got some issues with my mod and the tekkit server. My mod is rly small.. Just adding a recipe and a block..., so it should be fine.

My Workspace Setup:

MCP 6.2, vanilla minecraft.jar 1.2.5, vanilla minecraft_server.jar 1.2.5, Forge src,

Tekkit Version:

3.1.2 Server/Client.

So my mod is running fine on:

vanilla client 1.2.5 + forge

vanilla server 1.2.5 + forge

tekkit client 3.1.2

But on the tekkit server i got some errors. Look at them here: http://pastebin.com/03EGR9YH

Obviously there is missing some obscured classes, so it has probably sth. to do with the setup...

I just added the compiled serverfiles into net.minecraft.server in a test.zip at /mods and i end up at the error...

I'd be really happy to get some assist...

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