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Black Listing Certain Items, For Certain Groups.

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Hey, I would like to blacklist Certain items For lower ranks, But enable them for other ranks such as Admin, Or Donators.

Could Anyone Assist me in this matter I would like to black list


TNT 46

Nova Catalyst 126:10

Nova Catalysm 126:11

World Anchor 214

Nuke 237

Industrial TNT 239

Dynamite 26522

Cannon 26524

Destruction Catalyst 27527

Evertide Amulet 27530

Volcanite Amulet 27531

Black Hole Band 27532

Ring Of Ignition 27533

Archangels Smite 27534

HyperKinetic Lens 27535

Swiftwolf RendingGale 27536 (will be allowed for All donators, and Staff.)

Watch of flowing Time 27538 AND 27538:1

Red Katar 27572

Red MorningStar 27573

Infernal Armour 27579

Abyss Helmet 27580

Gravity Greaves 27581

Hurricane Boots 27582

Mercurial Eye 27583:41

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