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Crafting Table III

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I've noticed that the crafting table 3 files are actually still in the server files, and it gets removed cause of its item number is already taken (it says in server log on startup). Is there any way to enable the crafting table again? Cause i've tryed changing the item number in the config, both on a server + SSP, but it didn't do anything. Anyone?

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it conflicts with IC2 atm i think, only way would be to remove / (maybe) downgrade.

also gliches with EE (philo stone). and some other mods...

in my thoughts i would just play regular and learn them on your own.

Edit: I copy'ed pasted from my other CT3 thread's look it up a lil before hand.

Also it's config is still in server but the mod is not. same with the client i believe

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