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Poxy crafting table issues

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I am sending full water buckets down a Pneumatic pipe - after being drawn by a filter, down to an auto crafting table.

That is set up to make water cells.

But it doesn't matter where I put the pipe into the crafting table, it puts the buckets in all the spare slots - not on top of the bucket in the crafting receipe.

As far as I can work out, you can't come out of a filter with any other type of pipe.

I tried putting a chest between them, and then going into the crafting table with cobblestone pipe instead - but it refuses the contents of the pipe.

Any suggestions?

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If you put a chest right next to the auto crafting table, it should grab the contents of the chest as needed to make the recipe, and keep the excess buckets in the chest until needed. Grab the items from the crafting table with a filter (maybe) or a wooden pipe powered by an engine, then send it on to where it's needed.

Don't put an alchemical chest next to the ACT though, as they don't work with them.

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