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Why does this frame motor setup not work?


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those are 2 pairs of frame motors. Each has the traction side facing the other (two for up, two for down).

It works fine for moving the rig up or down, but the problem is, if I move it up, the one fram motor on the end on the down side doesn't move along with the rest of the rig, it gets left behind.

I was under the belief that the traction side of a frame motor acted passively like a frame, which would mean that the inner frame motors should be dragging the outer frame motors along with them, but they aren't?

What am I missing?


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the rest of the machine doesn't do anything, or at least it wasn't doing anything at the time (not receiving any power or signals). Might as well cut it off right where that blue alloy wire is.

Those two frame motors on the ends in the picture simply aren't getting pulled along.

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I've rechecked every tutorial I watched before, and still can't figure out what was wrong? Nobody knows frames enough to spot a problem here? It's definitely not the rest of the machine. I even tried cutting off everything else except the top part with the two pairs of motors, and it doesn't work.

I tried also building it in SSP, JUST those 4 motors and a frame, and it still does this.

So clearly I'm wrong about some fundamental feature of frame motors. Please help.

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It appears I didn't post, but it appears the two motors are not attached to the chassis, which may be your problem

I noticed this as well. Going in one direction causes a motor on the other side to disconnect from the frame and be useless

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