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[3.1.2]iKanCraft[PvE/Survival][52 Slots][Open][EE Enabled][GriefPrevention]


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What is Tekkit you ask? Tekkit is the Multiplayer version of the amazing Technic Mod Pack for the game Minecraft developed and maintained by the amazing Technic Pack team. Tekkit's mods introduce an astounding amount of options to automate and industrialize your worlds and even more options to power it.


This is a new Tekkit server. We like to keep things pretty simple on this server, nothing too complicated. We have very few rules, but if you fail to follow them then expect a consequence! Our staff is very nice, and willing to help out any member. If you would like to give your opinion on anything, we are all ears!

We have some very dedicated members and staff. We would love to see lots of new members to come play and hang out.


• Anti-Grief

• Disabled PVP

• Dedicated 24/7

• World Guard, LWC Protections

• Core Protect, don't worry about them griefers!

• All mods enables - Various banned items.

• More to come, as server expands!

Server Website


This server is Anti-Griefing and Anti-Raiding. Since there is always someone out there to ruin everyone's fun and break any rules they can. We have decided to use the plugins World Guard, LWC, and Core Protect!

With GriefPrevention you are now able to protect your territory by placing down a chest. The longer you play, the more land you are able to protect. If you need anymore help, contact and Admin or Visit Here!

Also on this server we use LWC to keep those raiders from picking though your chest! When you place a chest or furnace it should be automatically locked to you, so no worries! If you need any help type /lwc in the game chat.

*Note: Lwc has been updated to work with all tekkit items that may need locked!

Lastly, if all fails we have Core Protect to keep you safe. If a griefer gets to your home and manages to still destroy it, it can and will be rolled back instantly. If you are the greifer you better watch out because you WILL server a consequence!


We like to stay as lenient as possible with our rules, but the rules we do have, we are very strict on!

• Do Not Grief.

• Do Not Raid.

• PVP Is Disabled For Now.

• Respect ALL Staff and Members.

• If we see the need to add rules in the future, we will do so.


To be able to keep all mods enabled to some extent, we are forced to ban some items.

• Full set Gem Armor

• Mining Laser

• Cannons

• Destruction Catalyst

• Nova Catalyst / Cataclysm

• Catalytic Lens

• All EE Rings, except: Swiftwolf and Harvest

• RM / DM Furnaces

• Volcanite Amulet

• Evertide Amulet

• Mercurial Eye

• All Explosives

• Triangulator






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This server is not lag free. After about 1 hour the server crashed and is still down. I would suggest you kick all AFK players after 5 mins as 90% of the players on the server were AFK. It also might be wise to ban world anchors until you actually know what your server can handle.

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Sorry for being so inactive on these forums. Many changes have happened. All lag issues have been resolved on this server making it once again a lag free environment, New Host to keep lag down, and Brand new server website.

Thread Updated~ Most recent information added!

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hi I was temp banned yesterday for 3 hours because of griefing, and then after I logged back on I got off in like 45 minutes. today I logged on for about 15 and then got off and went to work. after work I went to get back on and it said I was banned for griefing/raiding. yet I did nothing. can an admin please talk to me

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