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  1. Please tell me how to do all of these things. For non-nefarious purposes, of course.
  2. Blarg!

    1. Nitus


      Took the words right out of my mouth!

    2. Melfice
  3. Just realized that I've been a member for two years as of May 5

  4. Dun dun dun dun, dundundundun...

    1. TheBytemaster



    2. Richs_Yard



  5. You bet I did not know that it was a fluent in spam bot I'm me! Because everyone was not online at night, forum server when it is buried in about 10450 spam bot thread, and had to learn I!

    1. Kalbintion


      The hell are you going on about?

  6. Streaming Super Hostile

  7. I was a spambot all along!

    1. dwwojcik


      Oh my... Oh... no.

    2. TheBytemaster


      We're doomed. How can I trust anyone now?

    3. Melfice


      ... so tempted to report you as a spambot now. But I'm sure that would bite me in the arse. :P

  8. New avatar and rank after having the old one for a year.

  9. Translation: You're welcome. That OP kills my brain cells. Also; OP, permissions are meaningless, and mod authors cannot sue you for not getting them.
  10. You can't delete posts. What is "member status"? Do you mean the rank thing, like my "Certified Lobster"? Go to "My Profile", click on "Edit Profile", then scroll down to "Profile Information." Next to the "Member title" box, there is a white box. Remove "member" from it and type in what you want.

    1. holymage!


      and i missed it?!?!??!

  12. Hooray! We have a new Eagle Scout in our troop! That brings the total up to 65 Eagles promoted.

    1. Lethosos


      Gratz, from one Eagle to another.

    2. poryy


      I'll be sure to tell him.

    3. TheBytemaster


      This Eagle approves.

  13. Grandpa died of cancer today :(

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    2. Teknically


      May he rest in peace and party like an animal where ever he is

    3. holymage!


      i have the temptation to write something horrible, but i think i'll be nice and say RIP.

    4. Akeffala


      I feel your pain, I will pray for his soul to rest peacefully

  14. Just made a Boston Cream Pie. Sister does not like it because it is not sweet enough. Me and my dad love it. I feel old.

  15. I want to play Minecraft, but theres nothing fun to do now... Ideas please?

    1. dwwojcik


      Try vanilla

  16. I am absolutely certain I had something extremely useful I was going to post here, but then the cat jumped on my keyboard.

    1. Ysharma


      Your cat is an excellent typist

    2. Doomzzday01


      Took the words right out of my mouth.

  17. Yah, I understand you enjoy hammering the like buttons, but replying is what actually helps.
  18. poryy


    You see, mods haven't updated to 1.7.9 yet. So it's impossiblarg. Sorry.
  19. Welcome. This is my PVP guide, for Minecraft vanilla PvP only. For those of you who think there are too many, please leave. The refreshments are down the hall in Room 410. I aim for this to be different than other guides. In this guide, I will cover everything, from Potions to avoiding Donators. First, some background. I have been playing Minecraft since 1.0.0, and have PvPed for as long as I bought the game. I (along with my clan) has achieved greatness on a number of servers. Table Of Contents: 1. Pregame Questions 2. Starting Out -Leaving Spawn -Travelling Far -Building a
  20. SKYWHALE Guide: Don't.

  21. It is a special entity only obtainable through MCEdit.
  22. I recently finished the Tech Tree. The only things I have left to land on are Tylo, Bop, Pol, Dres, and Moho. I landed on Eeloo last weekend. Sadly, Sigly Kerman is stuck at Eve's North Pole after an aerobrake that turned into an aerobreak.
  23. I feel for you. Same thing happened to me. Many times. With manned craft.
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