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  1. You asked me a question:

    I didn't see the date on posts and I saw it via link. Sorry.

  2. Certainly explains why I never saw this thread before.
  3. I reported him for about 6 reasons, 4 of which are highlighting what I did wrong. Comedy was not my intention.
  4. MODPACK. It is MODPACK. Modpack: Mudpack: Also, this is the most low effort bug report I have ever seen. Learn to spell and capitalize.
  5. Some Immibis mod and IC2. The immibis mod adds beams.
  6. You are lucky. My school runs windows 98. They can barely run Google Chrome.
  7. Hey man. What happened to ultracraft?

  8. Kocken is banned for still smiling when I ninja'd him.
  9. Ysharma is banned for thinking he is superior. Hitler thought he was superior, and look where that got us!
  10. Ysharma is banned for having something on his forehead that looks like an eye. The sign of the illuminati is an eye, so Ysharma is banned for being an illuminati member.
  11. This isn't a bug. This is an exploit. It is unfixable as of now.
  12. And... my meme is broken.
  13. Love the elephant grass. It looks awesome in my maps.
  14. Your crappy computer cannot handle the holy power of java. For the love of god, get windows 7.
  15. It runs vanilla normally because of the incorrectly formatted modpack.jar. Here is a correctly formatted one you can use as a base: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7h7egzpfyuhbr4s/modpack.jar
  16. Paging a programmer to this thread please. I think you know more than me:


  17. Yes. I think that your modpack.jar is formatted incorrectly as well. Did you follow all of luke's steps? The formatting of the modpack.jar is essential to the modpack working.
  18. The way you have it set up loads as vanilla. I can't seem to reproduce this.
  19. Let me test something. Please give me a dropbox link to your modpack.
  20. You are missing some files called mcmod.info.
  21. You definately need to increase permgen size with that amount of mods. I'm not a bug master, but try deleting the poop mod. I've had some severe problems with it.
  22. You're using Fart the Butt, not technic. Use technic.
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