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  1. Use the error report format. What's your OS? What's your Java Version? Which launcher are you using?
  2. Ok, just killed myself. I shot myself out of a cannon, into orbit, then EVA packed to the Mün. I couldn't land, though. Splat.
  3. Peaceful space cow, eating gamma rays and soaking up the sunshine.

  4. Playing KSP with B9 and Lazor missiles.

    1. Melfice


      Check out InfiniteDice's Skillful as well. It kinda messes with SRBs overheating right now, but it's a solid weapons mod.

  5. Why not 24/7? OPing any random person is bad for your health. Don't give out your email on public forums. Wrong section. Does it really matter if it is 24/7 or not? If you use plz because it's shorter than please, I'll use no because it's shorter than yes.


  8. Fixed it: ^ | Try telling us your PC specs and Java Version
  9. *Spends 4 hours on kittenwar*
  10. I have no idea what to post here.

    1. Ysharma


      How about "Hail Turtles!" ?

    2. Mooseman9


      Then don't post?

    3. dwwojcik


      That's no fun.

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  11. UPDATE TEAKIT! No. First of all, Electric Expansion has been discontinued. Second of all, the Technic team is busy making more modpacks.
  12. Remember to uncheck the load Sentar expansion box. Remember to delete the Abaddon folder before updating the mod. The old textures are probably still in there.
  13. I can run it with KSP interstellar and Final Frontier. Download the latest version. I optimized it and removed redundant textures. Remember to uncheck "load Sentar expansion" when the game boots. I just patched it so that you don't need any of Krag's planets to run the pack. No science at the moment, as I am still placing in messages. Also! My pack now has more planets than vanilla KSP! Hooray!
  14. You can have my mod. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/67147-Poryy-s-Planet-Packs-Updated-1-27-14/page4 Warning: Kinda memory intensive.
  15. poryy


    Dammit general! If you ask to put something in the whalebox it will not go in the whalebox! So... Can you not put this in the whalebox?
  16. I'm making a planet pack plugin. I can name a planet after you if you want. Slavă Verviedi! Inima de Abaddon!
  17. poryy

    Planetside 2

    I just got pulverized by NC planes. That had shotguns. What's next for the NC? A shotgun that shoots sniper rifles?
  18. I have the same problem. I'm guessing it's because reuploading the pack overrides the old version.
  19. I don't see anything wrong...
  20. "A different Java file" Sounds like that's your problem. I think you're using a cracked launcher. Also, where exactly did you get this launcher?
  21. FML log? And yes, this is the correct section.
  22. I wrote a poem in the PM chat.

    1. theprolo


      What PM chat? I don't think I'm in it

    2. poryy


      Kitty Jail Pack COntents.

  23. poryy

    Planetside 2

    VS: Waterson NC: Woodman TR: Woodman I don't want to necro it.
  24. poryy

    Planetside 2

    So I just found this game on the Internet and really like it. It's a futuristic strategy shooter, and they aren't lying when the website talks about the game. I do warn you that it's a pain to start out a new character, but the vehicles make up for it. If you would like to add me I have 3 characters: Vanu Sovereignty: Verviedi Terran Republic: Poryy New Conglomerate: DuesVervun
  25. Why not just separate sections for Whitelist and Open?
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