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  1. Derail? I AM CORPORAL BREAD, DEFENDER OF THE CAPS LOCK! Why on earth did you guys derail this thread? I want to sayy something crazyy, but I can't because the moderators will get mad at me.
  2. This has officially been nominated for the most important post of the year. Nobody ignore this! We have the beginnings of a champion poster here!
  3. You could download it and it turns out to be a virus. Like a trojan horse. I inherited this paranoia from the MCForum.
  4. This is against the rules.
  5. What is a dissepeer? Is it some kind of plant? It sure sounds like one.
  6. poryy

    Get. Out.

  7. You give children a bad name. Cursing is not the measure of maturity. I do not support this server because of age discrimination however.
  8. Go buy the game. Bad pirate. Bad!
  9. You need to use your MINECRAFT username and password.
  10. You referred to it as DESTROYING the station, not causing a detonation of fuel and/or a reactor
  11. Ion cannons DO NOT destroy like a tank shell does. They disrupt electronics and short out fuses.
  12. I think I put them in the corners of the big room. The is one in every sub-room. I need to play the map on survival. Have you tried breaking the engine and replacing it? PUT WATER IN THE WATER SLOT. (<----- That was a simple remark, NOT shouting or anger)
  13. I found whiteface, he is at the top of the screen in the middle and geez, he has a pointy chin.

    1. TheBytemaster


      That's his disembodied neck. There is a thin line between his neck and chin if you look hard.

  14. So. Many. Idiots. In. The. Platform. Padoga....

  15. This is against the rules. Read the guides for making a modpack. I WOULD make a mod pack, but you didn't specify what mods you wanted.
  16. OK. You have a severe problem. There is a duck in your computer. The only way to get it out is to dangle an entire pack of bacon in front of your computer until the duck comes out. After that, throw the bacon away. It has duck pheromones on it and eating it will turn you into a duck. Godspeed, friend.
  17. Map is ready, Enjoy raging.

    1. poryy


      Stone on the floor is fair game.

    2. TheBytemaster


      I didn't even need that. I made a wood pick then got iron and made a bucket and then a cobble gen. You should turn all of the stone in the map to bedrock.

    3. TheBytemaster


      Except in the middle room. Make that floor dirt or something.

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  18. Ok, finished the map. Take it! I don't want it anymore! https://www.dropbox.com/s/wml3sxottwz1nik/Elektrikal%20Maze%201.0.0.zip
  19. phantomsight is banned for impractical posture.
  20. I think I lost a brain cell or 11 reading that monstrosity.
  21. So THAT'S what a report thingy looks like.
  22. Another Gaunt's Ghost's reader? High-five!

  23. Minecraft only has 2 flowers right now. I am suggesting many more to make a full set of ??? and add more functionality to flowers. Also, it adds a botanist's table. BOTANIST'S TABLE: An item with a GUI with 3 slots. A flower can be placed in the top slot to extract it's seeds, or 2 sees can be placed in both to combine them. These seeds may be planted in tilled soil, where they grow into mature flowers. BASIC FLOWERS: Lazulus: A blue flower that drops Lazulus. If it is put in the botanist's table; it makes lazulus seeds. When smelted, it makes lapis lazuli. Razorweed: A rusty pl
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