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  1. Server seems to be down. I would love to help.
  2. You have to buy the game.
  3. The inactvity policy is 5 days if you don't have a reason.
  4. Yes. You can play with us if you want. (Fill out the app) The RMMC are a bunch of shmoobs who hide behind hexxit and rely on OP and god gear.
  5. The Enclave: A Minecraft PVP Faction The Enclave is a faction that bases upon Tactical and Strategic Warfare. We abide by a strict rules and rank policy to ensure maximum tactical power. The Enclave was founded on The Ablakin All Out War server, which we accidentally destroyed after a massive nuclear confilct with an abusive moderator. (The server was modded.) Since then, we have vowed to bring The glory of The Enclave to every PvP server we can. All glory to the Enclave! Honor Policy: We will not use hacks or glitches We will not attack people for no reason We will not betray
  6. Am I allowed to post Clan, Corporation, ect... topics in the Off Topic section, or do they go in Cafe Lame?

    1. poryy


      OK, Thanks!

    2. poryy


      Is this acceptable? http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/the-enclave-a-technic-and-vanilla-corporation-clan-pvp-easy-ranks.49416/ Don't want to be murdered by the post patrol.

    3. Valkon


      I don't think we actually have any rules specific to clans/corporations, so as far as I can tell it should be.

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  7. Ban this idiot. PLEASE!


    1. Valkon


      Already taken care of.

  8. Oh god, we need moderators here NOW!


    Somebody ban this idiot!

    1. _Mataroyale_Modpacker_


      I'm not a mod. I wish I was, though.

  9. theprolo is banned for misspelling my name.
  10. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/luke%E2%80%99s-hopefully-comprehensive-modpack-making-guide.44197/ http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/modpack-requests-request-a-free-pack-here.42286/page-7
  11. Industrial Miner should be banned for disturbing Alpharius with his avatar. (Alpharius is my pet fish)
  12. This is their modpack submission rules: Permissions: All private mod packs are required to have complete permissions for each and every mod included. This includes api's such as CoFH core and immibis core. Permissions that have been given to the official FTB mod packs DO NOT COUNT towards a private public modpack. Permissions found in the Central Mod Permissions page do count. The Private in the name refers to the fact that they are not in the public section of the FTB launcher. Aside from that there is nothing private about them, and as such, the private modpack permissions spreadsheet an
  13. WHat kind of communist? The good kind or the Stalinist kind?
  14. Buy the game. There needs to be a sticky saying (BUY THE GAME!) in giant red letters.
  15. STEP 1. Go to imgur.com. Bookmark the site. STEP 2. Make an account (It's free) STEP 3. Drag and drop the images, FROM YOUR COMPUTER, NOT MEDIAFIRE onto the page. STEP 4. Click on the image. STEP 5. Highlight the code under (Forums and message boards) STEP 6. Paste the code into your post.
  16. If I would too, but I don't know where he lives. Probably somewhere on Earth.
  17. When do you think FTB's copy of hexxit will arive? I am guessing October.
  18. I personally think threads are like monorails. Slow moving and boring until they get derailed. Then is the load of fun falling and screaming. /notloweffortnecromancy.
  19. Can you please ban this idiot?:http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/new-technic-server-looking-for-builders-to-make-an-amazing-spawn.48514/#post-401193

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