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  1. Typical server. You have to donate to use the TRANS TABLET. Finding a new server that has EE2 fully allowed. and isnt pvp.
  2. I hold Yogscast in contempt. Direwolf20 all the way!
  3. Tekkit is mad because you banned a great and non-op item. All joking aside, I believe that when you are hosting a server, you have admin commands even if your rank is member or guest. Try asking a member or default to place one.
  4. The only items you should delete are ITNT and Nukes. Also, MAYBE ban the catayltic lens. NOT the destruction catalyst. Don't ban the transmutation tablet whatever you do.
  5. Sorry, I reread the rules and couldn't find that rule. Could you possibly tell me where that rule is listed? (I reread the Global Rules twice and couldn't find it.)
  6. Ban mining lasers, keep EVERYTHING from EE2. Whatever people say, EE2 is not OP.
  7. Don't woryy guys! It's just another douche trying to get minecraft for free because hes 4 and his parents wont give him the money!
  8. You forgot that it is hard to START with EE2 and GET endgame. All of the stuff required to make a collector flower is extremely expensive.
  9. EE2 is the most incredibly epically awesome thing in tekkit. If a server disables it, I don't play on that server. EE2 is what most players start with and it also enables you to start more easily with mods such as IC2 or buildcraft. It is not as op as some people think. The only item that is truly OP is the destruction catalyst.
  10. 1 diamond is worth 9 UU-matter. EMC values are hardcoded so you would have to decompile the mod, add UU-matter's EMC value, then recompile it.
  11. Nothings really OP, the cost always cancels out the benefits of the item.
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