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  1. After looking into Solder quite a bit, it looks like a pretty good tool and would certainly accomplish what I am trying to do, but I would still like to know if the removal of the ability to select from multiple versions of private/custom modpacks was intentional, and if there is a plan to re-implement the feature in the future. While it looks like a great tool, Solder is MUCH more difficult to learn to use than simply uploading my zipped folders for my modpack and having people select the version from the dropdown. :/
  2. Solder? I've never heard of it... Where can I find the documentation? EDIT: Nevermind, I've found TechnicSolder... It appears to solely be a way to make and distribute minor pack updates, not to have multiple pack versions available at the same time. Am I wrong? Also, the ability to have multiple pack versions available for download was there before with just the basic technic pack uploading functionality. There was no need for any outside plugins/mods/APIs. Hence my post here after that functionality went away.
  3. Something like that... though it was working just fine a couple weeks ago, (multiple pack versions were available for download through the client). Hopefully it was an oversight when updating the client and not a new "feature". If, however, it IS a new "feature", I should hopefully be able to create a workaround by uploading a 'dev' version of my pack as a separate modpack. Thanks for the reply, telling me I'm not crazy! :P
  4. I had to fix it with idfixminus and I had to distribute the idfixminus.txt from the server with the modpack.
  5. At some point recently, the launcher stopped allowing users to select older versions of my mod pack. Was this intentional? It makes it quite difficult for me to run my test server alongside my release server for my pack, as the test server uses newer versions than the recommended version. On that note, there does not appear to be a place to designate a specific release as being recommended over other releases. If these are simply me being blind/dumb, please let me know, but it does indeed appear to be related to the actual platform rather than oversights by myself.
  6. Launcher Version: 377 Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Java Version: 7.45 Antivirus Program: AVG free Description of Problem: The mod pack WAS downloading correctly, but when someone else attempted to download/install the pack, they were getting an unzipping error. After several hours of troubleshooting, I finally managed to fix the issue by changing the version number of the pack. This solution MAY resolve the issue if others are having it. Error Messages: Error unzipping the file for the following pack: (modpack name) Error unzipping file: (modpack location)\cache\(modpack name) Please consult the author or try to run the pack again. Error Log:
  7. Took the application a bit too literally, it seems, haha. I'll send you a PM and we'll discuss your goals. :D
  8. Currently Under Heavy Development! Ferrishyn PvP -Rules: No using exploits to get around protections. (TnT canons do not count as an exploit) Listen to the Administrators and Moderators. Be respectful to others in chat. Racism, Hateful Speech, and needlessly inflammatory comments will cause problems for you. No spamming. Do NOT ask to be an admin. If we find that you are a helpful and insightful player, we will approach you. -Server Info: IP: minecraft.ferrishyn.net We are aiming to create a great PvP and adventuring experience through mod/plugin selection and balancing, careful Administrator and Moderator selection, and providing an excellent forum for our players to speak and be heard. We have been playing various PvP servers since Minecraft reached Beta and the ability to do so and have been able to see the flaws and failures of many of them, but also their successes. Over the next few weeks, we will be developing the server, creating spawn builds as well as various other locations, and creating processes for Player/Administration interaction and change. -Current To-Do List: -Find and implement plugins: McMMO(?) A Magic System(?) More Mobs/Boss mobs Economy Factions Chat Plugin to allow for multiple channels/passworded or private channels Arena Admin plugins (anti-cheat, etc.) More as we see fit/needed -Balance plugins. (nukes, attempt to see if EE3 can be balanced, etc) -Remove plugins that cause lag and other issues. -Build Spawn and other special locations. (Arenas, Dungeons, Ruins, etc.) -What we need from you: We are currently in need of people with a creative side to help build up our spawn city as well as other locations around the server. Anyone who is experienced with server Administration, plugins, and other similar items who are willing to share their experience would be greatly welcomed to do so! -Whitelist Application: IGN: name here Age: ## Interests: Minecraft-related interests. Playstyle: PvP/PvE/Griefing/Creative Building/Etc. What brought you here?: Let us know what interests you in our server! What is the hidden keyword?: Read the entire post to learn what it is.
  9. Heyo, you guys still around? If so, what client pack/version are yall using? :D
  10. The server is running great! Bit o lag lately, but the admins are delving into the matter and I have faith it will soon be resolved! Come check it out! We need more people!!
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