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  1. Tekkit Classic skins can't be changed anymore. Impossible, since the old skin servers used in <1.3 are taken down or some stuff like that. Just fyi
  2. Shouldn't worry about that. It's not an error, a warning and can be safely ignored.
  3. They use Transporter. It's a plugin that allows linking of servers. The bukkit dev page has gone offline sadly, but I have a copy somewhere...
  4. You need to install 64 bit java then, otherwise limit it to 2 gigabyte.
  5. You have an unsupported java version. What java version do you have?
  6. Wrong Tekkit version, this is Tekkit Classic 3.1.2 If it's Tekkit Main, go here: http://forums.technicpack.net/forum/67-tekkit-discussion/ They might be able to help you there
  7. I suggest installing EssentialsChat. Of course, if you really want something like HeroChat, I might be able to create you a plugin at a fee. PM me if you are interested in that.
  8. Try to press 'o' with your inventory open
  9. You need to portforward the server, just google 'portforward minecraft' and you'll get there
  10. You need to portforward it. More info here http://portforward.com/softwareguides/minecraft/portforward-minecraft.htm