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Mulit-CPU Mod for Tekkit


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Hello modder,

I want to make a Tekkit server with two Amd Opteron 6284 se

and want to use both CPU for the Tekkit server so it have more power.

CAn someone make a mod or addon for Tekkit ?

Have a nice day,


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Minecraft is already threaded pretty much as much as it can be without a COMPLETE rewrite by Mojang.

Multithreading can additionally be done within individual mods to the game (like computercraft could do all its internal calculations on an asynchronous thread) to make them individually faster, but that's up to each individual mod developer.

There is no such thing as an "addon" that magically rewrites every one of the 30 mods or so in tekkit to suddenly be multithreaded. You would have to convince each and every mod developer to do this individually, and then repackage the entire tekkit in a future update.

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